Sunday, 21 November 2010

Caramel Black - Thank you! Wish I was there...

Thank you for following me, Caramel.  I checked out your site: Caramel's T-Girls - they are such pretty girls!

You are the first friend I have in Florida - what's it like there, hon?  It's cold and wet here in Old Blighty.  Wish I was sunning myself in my new bikini on the beach in Florida.


Thank you so much for being my first follower, Bunny Amanda!

What a sweet girl you are, Bunny Amanda: TG Bunny Girls

Thank you so much for being my very first Follower!  And yes, I have ALWAYS dreamed of being a bunny - i can't think of anything more wonderful!  Mwah, mwah, hugs x x x Amber

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Met a lovely T-Girl called Caroline today

I went round to Auntie Julie's today to meet a lovely T-Girl called Caroline, from Doncaster.

I am the first T-Girl that Caroline has ever met, so it was a privilege!  We had a nice chat, and Caroline said she would love to go the the next Sparkle Transgender Festival in Manchester. 

Caroline's partner (wife) doesn't know about her feminine side, which is a pity.  There must be so many transgendered people out there whose partners don't know that they are really girls - what a shame!

I am very lucky because my partner Rosie has always known that I am a girl (even before we got married) - and she loves me as a girl and prefers me that way.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Here is my first attempt at a TG Caption photo - enjoy!

Welcome to Amber Goth's FFG Transgender Fiction Weblog

Hello girls.  I have been so impressed with transgender caption Blogger sites that I have decided to have a go myself. 

I have been doing something similar with our FFG Transgender Fiction magazines since 1994 - so could perhaps claim to be the 'great grand mummy' of pairing pictures and photos with captions! 

If you haven't discovered our magazines yet, check out our website:


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