Friday, 3 June 2011

Feminise your husband video

Well girls, another of my YouTube videos has now been banned by YouTube, apparently because it showed bare boobs.  How terrible!  I think what they are really about is censoring members of the transgender community's rights to express themselves freely.

I thought it was in the best possible taste (ahem!), and obviously not intended to be taken too seriously...
There must be arses on YouTube who do nothing except get other people's videos banned.  Apparently it takes only one complaint.  Why do they go onto sites like mine if they know they are likely to be offended? What intolerant, bigotted, small-minded bastards.  I am fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom for artists and creative people to do what they like.  If you agree with me, please follow me on Twitter:

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Anyway, see what you think of the video - please DO comment and give me some support for my work, because I am feeling a little discouraged.  Here it is:

Amber Goth's YouTube Channel