Sunday, 3 April 2011

I'm so glad you let me turn you into a girl


  1. I like your style! Nice busty boy/gurl transformation!

  2. what is the difference between trans woman and real woman how to pregnant when you trans woman

  3. With the rapid advances in knowledge, several techniques were used to create the vagina; however, Dr. Juta”s technique is one of a kind, “The Scarless Sexchange” wherein there will be no visible scar on the labia majora after the operation. Certainly, he is the only doctor performing a high quality SRS “Scarless Sex change” in Thailand today. With Dr. Juta, you can achieve a successful outcome both in appearance and function, and there are far lesser incidents of complications. The goal of Doctor Juta is to create female sexual organs that look as natural as possible and that allow as much sexual arousal as possible.

  4. I wish some one would take me all the way- I would give anything to be a woman... My whole life this has been my dream to just be able to be sexy... W/Love Eva Moore...


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