Friday, 12 April 2013

How Stephen became Stephanie and other transgender tales on sale now from Amazon - Reviews

Reviews on Amazon:

 This book is a collection of beautifully written stories exploring transgender themes. Here you can read the fictional accounts of 'boy meets girl and boy wants to become girl and find true happiness and fulfillment. Then sheer pleasure as you are transported to the primeval forests of thirteen hundred years ago in 'The Lady of the Lake'. Then hold onto your seats, just try 'Virtual Reality Woman' which takes you to another dimension. All the stories are set in a variety of situations and the descriptions give real focus and depth. I would recommend this amazing book to anyone trans, also partners, wives or friends who would enjoy these stories. - Rose-Marie 

This was pleasant reading from start to finish. This particular story (How Stephen became Stephanie) was very interesting. About 10 other stories of varying length also.

- Dawn Vanore 

Enjoyed almost all of the 12 tales; easy read at times hard to put down. You cannot go wrong if you're interested in m/f transgender stories.  

- Edward Benda

 All the collected transgender fiction short stories of Kate Lesley (a.k.a. Amber Goth) are available from Amazon websites.  Click on the links below or search for 'How Stephen became Stephannie and other transgender tales'.

It is also available from the Amazon sites in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.  Just do a search on the Amazon website for your country for
'How Stephen became Stephannie and other transgender tales' by Kate Lesley or use the links below:

Germany from
France from
Spain from
Italy from

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