Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grateful for any comments

Hello there again girls,

I have done a number of TG Captions and two new videos for your pleasure, and I know you are looking at them because of the number of hits on my Blogger site, but no one has left any comments!

Please let me know what you think!  Are you enjoying my work?  If so, one way you can show your support is to visit my main TG Fiction site, and maybe download one of our electronic publications:

FFG Illustrated Transgender Fiction

If you like my TG Captions and videos, you will almost certainly like our mags, paticularly Forced Femme & Girlhood:  Forced Femme & Girlhood Vol. 1

You will probably also enjoy Tales of Sissy School:

Tales of Sissy School Vol. 1

Tales of Sissy School Vol. 2

And why not try out latest edition of Tales of Crossdressing:

Tales of Crossdressing Vol. 10

That's all for now, my lovelies, but please so order my mags, or I'll have to hitch up my skirt and go on the game again or ask for my job back at the pole-dancing club. 

I'll do another TG Caption for your delight and delectation soon, so keep popping back here and don't forget to visit my website at: FFG Illustrated Transgender Fiction .

You can also follow me on Twitter:  Amber Goth on Twitter

Bye for now, and I love you all x x x

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