Monday, 21 March 2011

Will all men be feminised eventually?

Hello there girls,

I don't normally blog as such because I know most of you just like to look at TG caps and vids.
But I am kind of interested and intrigued by the incredible proliferation of TG sites and all things TG online.  And so many TG Caption sites, and TG Youtube sites, etc.

I date back to the early 1970s (oh dear, showing my age), when I first came out as a tranny, and being TG in those days was definitely a 'minority sport or pastime'.  Before that, in the 1960s, you could be arrested for dressing as a woman in public - although half the population did it all the time.  Even in the 1970s and early 80s it could be fairly risky. 

It says a lot about the position of women in society in those days - why should it be shameful to dress or wish to be a woman, unless the male-dominated society considered the female sex to be inferior? Thanks to the Women's Liberation movement, women in the West proclaimed their equality and argued against the proposition that the female sex was in some way inferior.  So if women are equal to or as good as men (and many might argue that traditional 'feminine' attributes of cooperation, empathy, compassion, etc. are better for society as a whole than traditional 'male' attributes of dominance, competition, agression, etc.) - then where is the 'shame' in men wanting to be more like women, or actually become women?

I am amazed and encouraged to discover that so many people 'born male', either transition to female or at least dream about being female.  Is this some sort of huge cultural/gender identity/gender roles shift, taking place in N. America and W. Europe (and Japan, and much of the Far East, who have been at it forever, anyway?)

I am thoroughly encouraged, because I think we are all basically feminine, whatever our sex chromosomes say.  Female is the default setting for human kind. 

 The macho/patriarchal shite is a preoccupation of the three great monotheistic religions, which put down women and the divine feminine - so males are just reverting (or 're-discovering') their feminine side, which was always there...

Embrace your feminine side, girls, enjoy it and go as far as you want on your journey towards girldom.  Some of you will only dream, some will take female hormones and dress en femme whenever they can (like me), and some will get their 'down belows' sorted and get their very own clitties and slotties! Maybe I will go the whole way one day...but I would have facial feminisation surgery first, as that,
together with developing a feminine voice, is more helpful for 'passing' as a woman than what you've got in your panties.  Of course, if you really want to feel like a woman, then ultimately, you need to have a nice flat triangle of soft hair between your legs, and lovely labia and a sweet little clitoris, so you have to do your pee-pees sitting down - and how glorious that would be!

We are all sisters under the skin! Rejoice and love your feminine side - it is probably the best part of you.

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