Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Completety Feminised Husbands video was banned today by YouTube!

My 'Completely Feminised Husbands' video that I posted back in March on YouTube had nearly 30,000 views, nearly all of them favourable, but it got banned today by YouTube.

You can still view it on this site among my blogs for March:

Please check it out and write a comment.  I didn't think it was that 'strong'?  Okay, a bit naughty, and yes, there are a couple of bare boobies and one or two muff shots in panties, but I don't show a full view of the 'down-belows'  Am I a wicked girl?  Should I be punished?  Or was it just one prude who complained to YouTube about it?  Why do they go on to a site which deals with transgenderism if they are gonna be shocked?

And we got a parking ticket last week for being 8 minutes late getting back to our car - a jobsworth creep of a parking attendant who should have been emasculated at birth.

Definitely not been my week!


  1. Youtube policy is no bare boobs. Just needs one person to complain and your vid is history. : (

  2. Replied to this, Bunny Amanda, but lost it when I tried to post it. Is there anything else I should know about that YouTube are likely to ban, apart from bare boobs?

    We girls have boobs (in fact half the population of the world has them), and I hadn't realised they were rude. Oh dear, what a bad girl I am!

  3. children go on youtube. it's a completely open site. any nudity is prohibited explicitly. Post your risque videos on porntube or such. youtube is for video blogging/video archiving/family-based video network. if anyone considers it risque or sexual. they have every right to complain. if you don't like it go somewhere else. I do sympathize with trying to post videos in your situation just...not on youtube XD. what were YOU thinking?

  4. Love the idea, I'm in the process of feminising my husband, how far should I go.
    Any ideas please email me.
    If I did get his tiny cock removed should I invite over some well hung studs just for me so he can see how it's done?